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The Inventor

Tony Susnjara

Tony Susnjara, the developer and driving force behind freeFORM, is a yoga teacher with over 20 years experience in both Australia and the UK.

Tony is qualified as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, remedial masseuse and student of the martial arts.

Tony’s unique contribution to the wellness industry is his philosophical capacity to see a bigger picture perspective, where different therapeutic and conditioning approaches such as yoga, Pilates and functional fitness each have their own unique contribution in creating a healthier and more fulfilling life.

More information on Tony Susnjara can be found at fluidforminnovations.com
fluidFORM Innovations

The company behind the invention of the freeFORM board is fluidFORM Innovations. The company has created a suite of products for the fitness and wellbeing industry.

More information can be found at fluidforminnovations.com