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The Difference

The real differnce, is what immitations will never have.

The freeFORM Board may not be the first multi-directional rolling platform ever invented, but it’s taken the concept of supported body weight training to a whole new level.

There are a number of features that the freeFORM Board has that no other device in its category ever has and these features translate into some very important benefits.


The freeFORM Board is circular. Whichever way you mount or dismount the board, ITS ALWAYS FACING THE RIGHT WAY so when you transition from one movement direction to another, one exercise to another or one supported body part to another, the transition is always SEAMLESS.


The freeFORM Board is large enough to support the hips, elbows, knees, 2 hands or feet but small enough to support 1. It’s also small enough to move and flow around the body and to roll between hands placed shoulder width apart. A large device would be cumbersome; a smaller device would not support two limbs when necessary.

Low Centre of Gravity

Custom designed low profile castors allow the board to hover just above the floor. The right diameter combined with the right height allow the freeFORM Board to act as a simple and natural extension of your body to the point whereby the board and the user can move as one.


The freeFORM Board has 8 low offset castors set as close as possible to its outer periphery. This creates stability allowing the entire are of upper deck to act as a supporting surface right to edge of the high friction grip mat. The feet are therefore able to change their contact point from toes to heels and from inner to outer edge by moving about this stable supporting surface.

Ultra Low Friction

The freeFORM Board wheels have been shaped like miniature inline skate wheels so that they have minimal surface friction. Each wheel contains 2 double sealed ball bearings and each castor fork is mounted on a double race ball bearing allowing the wheels to be highly sensitive and change direction with minimal effort. The high quality wheels and bearings make for a very responsive product whereby it is easy to generate movement and the body also has to control these movements.


The freeFORM Board has multiple modes of operation, with the ability to act as a small, unstable and uneven step, a static rotation disk and a multidirectional rolling platform with and without a secondary rotating deck. Each of these modes offers significant conditioning advantages and training options.


The freeFORM Board was developed by a long a standing yoga and martial arts practitioner who has also studied Pilates, remedial massage, remedial exercise, conventional and functional conditioning and participated in a multitude of team and solo sports. As such, the freeFORM Board was developed to blend seamlessly into almost any conditioning modality or philosophy.


The freeFORM Board was designed as a high quality training tool for elite athletes and professional health practitioners and facilities. Its compact design houses a ‘Swiss Watch’ level of precision engineering. Each and every component in the multi-patented design has been custom developed for a smooth, fluid and seamless user experience.


The freeFORM Board is the perfect marriage of form and function. The attractive retro-modern design positions the freeFORM Board as a feature and talking point to be left out on display rather than hidden away.

If you still have questions, try the freeFORM board for yourself at one of our events or hands on with a distributor.

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