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Yoga teacher Tony Susnjara originally designed the freeFORM Board to assist his pupils executing a difficult ‘jump through’ manoeuvre. By allowing them to complete the move correctly while supporting much of their body weight, students were able to, without injury, incrementally achieve the strength, flexibility and co-ordination required to carry out the full action.

The significant benefits beyond yoga were soon realised. Three years of development later, and the freeFORM Board is now available to all health and fitness professionals.


‘Functional fitness’ underpins the philosophy at the core of the freeFORM System. It recognises the body as a complex, integrated system where each part joins the next to make up the whole – a concept which will already be familiar to those who practice yoga or pilates.

Furthermore that whole is constantly in a state of dynamic flux – when we move in every day life, and even more so when we undertake strenuous activity. This is particularly so for fluid dynamic sports such as basketball, netball, football, surfing etc.

The freeFORM System and Board builds profound new layers into this functional training paradigm. The fact that it supports you as you move in any and every direction and even when you change your whole body position is totally unique.