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freeFORM Group Exercise

A really practical solution The freeFORM Board is;

Easy to Use
Easy to Store
Easy to Move from Studio to Studio
Fun and Novel
Functionally Effective
Safe & Easy to Regress / Progress
High Quality Engineering
Low Maintenance
Cost Effective


When you invest in the freeFORM Board, you get three programming solutions including;

Choreographed Movement to Music

A fun, safe and effective workout where the freeFORM movements are choreographed to the beat of the music. Apply a broad spectrum of body positions, exercises, directions and ranges of motion to cover multiple fitness parameters including strength, endurance, mobility, balance, core stability, cardio and fat loss. All expertly choreographed to music and designed to deliver RESULTS you can see, measure and feel

Group Pilates

Experience the effects of traditional Pilates repertoire including equipment based exercises as they translate onto the freeFORM Board. Control, Concentration, Centering, Precision, Breath, and Flowing movement are applied to enhance the body and mind to improve states of neuromuscular control. With a strong focus on eccentric loading and no directional restrictions your clients will benefit from a longer, leaner, stronger and more intelligent body, bringing “Contrology” to a new era.

High Intensity Interval and Circuit Classes

One of the unique features of freeFORM is its ability to recruit more muscles crossing more body segments including both prime movers and stabilisers. When you combine this with a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) format, you have a recipe for a calorie and fat burning workout like no other. The diverse range of freeFORM exercises allow for endless circuit and interval formats with a wide variety of training themes and objectives.

freeFORM Group Ex Video

freeFORM Interval Training Video